Field Guide to Butterflies of Spain, 2023 more images
Flights of Fancy, 2023 more images
Birds on a Wire, 2023 more images
Ebb and Flow, 2023 more images
Paper Birches, 2023 more images
Book of Butterflies, 2022
Book of Insects and Flowers, 2022 more images
Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights, 2022 more images
Beauty's Rose, Disney Cruise Lines, 2021
The Ship, 2021
Into the Dark Woods, Beauty's Rose, 2021
Into the Dark Woods, Beauty and the Beast's Chateau, 2021
Into the Dark Woods, Sixth Shirt, 2021
Into the Dark Woods, Gold Bird, 2021
Into the Dark Woods, The Six Swans, 2021
Into the Dark Woods, Castle in the Woods, 2021
To Kill a Mockingbird, 2020
The Painted Lady, 2019
The Waterfall, 2019 more images
105 cm (h) x 39.5 cm (w) x 28 cm (d)
Adventures of a Librarian, Private Commission, 2019 more images
The Velveteen Rabbit, Private Commission, 2019 more images
The Elfin Grove, 2019 more images
To the Lighthouse, 2018
Cutters and Smugglers, 2018
Roses and Carnations, 2018
Who Killed Cock Robin, 2018
Paper and thread in glass dome
The Observer Book of Birds, 2018
The Six Swans, 2018
The Blue Bird, 2018
The Beanstalk, 2018
Little Red Cap, 2018 more images
Hansel and Gretal, 2018 more images
The Bookshop, 2018 more images
Private Commission
The Book Collector, 2018 more images
The Observer Book of Butterflies, 2018
Houses in Dome, 2018
Little Match Girl, 2018
Castle in the Sky, 2018
Atop, 2018
The Brontë Parsonage, from the 'Literary Houses' Series, 2017 more images
Daphne Du Maurier's House, from the 'Literary Houses' Series, 2017 more images
The Little Mermaid, 2017 
Private Commission
The Ebony Horse (after Chagall) from The Arabian Nights, 2017 more images
Once Upon a Time, 2016 more images
Pinocchio, 2016
The Pearl, 2016 more images
To Kill a Mockingbird, 2015
The Tooth Fairy, 2015 more images
The Snow Goose, 2015 more images
The House in the Oak Tree, 2015 more images
The Stork Wife, 2014 more images
The Shell Seekers, 2014
The Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage, 2014 more images
The Ice Maiden, 2014 more images
Matilda, 2014 more images
Sertum Orchidaceum, 2014
The Master and Margarita, 2014 more images
Commission, Fairmont Hotel Group, Abu Dhabi, 2014 more images
Migratory Words, 2014
Wild Flowers of the British Isles, 2013 more images
Treasure Island, 2013
The Raven, 2013
Alice (Falling), 2013
The Little Prince and the Rose, 2013
The Last Unicorn, 2012
Nature in Britain, 2012
Murder on the Orient Express, 2012 more images
The Baron in the Trees, 2011
The Princess and the Pea, 2011. Photograph by Johanna Parkin
Wuthering Heights, 2011. Collection of The Bronte Parsonage Museum.


Exhibition at The Bronte Parsonage Museum, 2011 more images
The Book of the Lost, 2010
Little Red Riding Hood, 2010 more images
Jorinde and Joringel, 2010
The Grass Grows between her Toes, 2010
Pandora opens Box, 2009 more images
Out of Narnia, 2009
Edensor, Derbyshire (A Guide to), 2009
A Winter Story, 2009
Hope (with butterflies), 2009
The Woodcutter's Hut, 2008 
The Wild Swans, 2008
The Snow Queen, 2008 more images
The Girl in the Wood, 2008 more images
Marjorie and Margaret, 2008
Down the Rabbit Hole, 2008
Circus Days and Circus Nights, 2008
Merry go Round, 2008
Book of Birds, 2008
Through the Looking Glass, 2007
The Twelve Dancing Princesses, 2007 more images
The Secret Garden, 2007
The Old House, 2007
Peter Pan; The Pirate Ship, 2007
Magnolia, 2007
Birds, Beasts and Fishes, 2007
Alice A Mad Tea Party, 2007
Wild Flowers, 2006
The Extasie, 2006
Betty in Cloudland, 2006 more images
The Quiet American, 2005

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